As we browse the aisles of our local supermarket, wholesale store, or pharmacy, we are overwhelmed when it comes to the dental aisle.  We are often forced to compromise between different ingredients and powers of dental products, specifically toothpaste.  Some brands claim to whiten while others boast that they fight plaque.  The question is, how do you chose which toothpaste is best for you and your family?


Toothpaste is an item we use every day, or twice per day, hopefully!  It should have a stamp of approval from the American Dental Association.  After all, this is an item we are putting into our bodies daily.  There are even special toothpastes designed for children, but these should contain the same key ingredients that an adult toothpaste should have as well.  Cleaning your teeth is not the only job for this important paste!


Your toothpaste should be your frontline of protection.


When we think about everything we put into our mouths daily (coffee, sugar, food coloring, etc.)  we want to have maximum protection against tartar, plaque and tooth decay.  Additionally, we want to protect our precious smile from any form of infection or cavities.  This is where the antimicrobial ingredient comes into play.  Fluoride is the most common antimicrobial agent in common toothpaste brands and provides sufficient protection against harmful agents.


Tartar control is another important factor to consider.  Tartar can build up in the mouth, turn into plaque over time and cause cavities and painful, unpleasant damage in the mouth.  This is why tartar protection must be written on the label.  Toothpastes which contain tartar fighting ingredients such as sodium hexametaphophate will also prevent unsightly staining of the teeth.  This will save you many dollars in teeth whitening treatments down the road!


For additional tips on how to choose the perfect toothpaste for you and your loved ones, call your dentist!  Dr Finley can help you to choose the right solution. Give him a call today!