More Than Just Dentistry

Finley Dentistry of Toledo, Ohio has always been a state of the art dental practice.  The Finley team proudly specializes in high quality dental care.  However, we do more than just cleanings.  We strongly support important causes in our community, including breast cancer awareness.


How Does Finley Take Action?

The crew at Finley feels so strongly about this important cause, that they decided to take more action than many others.  We have sponsored Lifetime’s “Stop Breast Cancer For Life” campaign.  This is a high profile, nationwide effort to help Americans battling breast cancer.  More specifically, this campaign aids those who must undergo invasive mastectomies.  They have passed a petition which mandates longer hospital stays for those who go through this painful, emotionally destructive operational procedure.  This effort reaches over 60 million people.  In today’s society, studies show that almost thirty percent of those 60 million individuals will be effected by breast cancer throughout their lives, whether personally or through a family member.


How Can I Pitch In Too?

Finley Dentistry encourages everybody in the Toledo community to support them in their effort to fight this widely spread disease.  They believe that knowledge and numbers are truly power.  We encourage you to stop in our office and speak with our kind staff to see how you can help fight breast cancer too!  You can find more information by checking out this link:


Don’t sit back when you have an opportunity to take action.  Come and join the Finley team and your neighbors in Toledo in the battle against breast cancer.  We are not just another dental practice, we are a force in the community to promote better health! Call Us: 419 472 6645