When we go to the dental office, one of the words we think we never want to hear is “extraction.” We often associate this word with a painful procedure which involves removing an anatomical part.  However, dental extractions can often have very positive effects on oral health.  Finley dentistry believes highly in only performing extractions when they are 100% necessary and medically indicated.  Additionally. the Finley team of dental professionals holds a very high track record of painless, seamless, stress-free extraction procedures.

What Is A Dental Extraction

The first question you may ask your dentist is, “what is a dental extraction?  Why is it clinically indicated?”  These are both very important questions to ask prior to the procedure.  An extraction is the removal of a tooth (or multiple teeth) from the socket (or “alveolus”).  This is done after the surrounding area is numbed with anesthetic blockers. Then, dental instruments are used to gently remove the tooth from it’s base, without harming the surrounding gum tissue and structures.  Bleeding is probably the most common side effect, which often subsides within 24-48 hours.  Dental extractions are performed for a variety of reasons, ranging from tooth decay (the tooth cannot be restored and must be removed to prevent the spread of infection) to preparation for orthodontic procedures.

Will It be Painful?

The short answer is a positive NO!  Extractions are usually performed under local anesthesia and the patient feels little to nothing throughout the procedure.  Some teeth (such as notorious wisdom teeth) can be more complicated to remove, especially if they are impacted (embedded into surrounding structures).  In such cases, stronger anesthetics can be used.  The goal at Finley is to feel as little pain as possible, with the best results.  We want our patients to feel better and stay on the route to a lifetime of healthy teeth!