When we think about time spent in the dental chair, having our photograph taken is probably the furthest thing from our mind!  We know that dental x-rays are often taken to diagnose different oral pathology, but what can be the benefit of state of the art digital photography inside the mouth?  Finley Dentistry wants to answer that question for you!


The number one complaint most patients have (in almost any type of medical office) is the unexplained or the unknown.  Patients often sit in the procedure chair and wonder what each instrument is used for, why they must endure painful, uncomfortable drilling and what exactly the dentist is touching with that probe.  When several patients were asked, most were curious about what the dentist uses the small, angled mirror for.


The team at Finley Dentistry has come up with a way to remove the unknown factor.  They use a state of the art photographic device to help the patient understand and visualize each step of their journey to a better smile.  A small camera with a cover is placed inside the mouth.  Once the photo is taken, the patient is shown the inner details of their teeth, gums and surrounding oral structures.  Our dental professionals review each crevasse and answer each and every question about your oral health and hygiene, based on a vivid photographic map! At Finley Dentistry here in Toledo we like our patients to know what we are doing and why. We form a team with you and value your input into the overall plan. In the long run patients are happiest when they have agreed to the treatment fully before hand – knowing WHAT they actually agreed to.

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