Studies show that nearly twenty percent of Americans suffer from daily dental pain. Residents of Toledo, Ohio are no exceptions to this statistic. They need a dentist in the Toledo area that can be relied on to properly diagnose and treat their symtoms. With all the worries of day to day life (not to mention many of the health struggles we may endure), dental pain should not be an additional hurdle.  We experience the stress of work, deadlines, maintaining households and raising family, dental dilemmas simply should not be a part of the equation.

I have no time to make a dental appointment

These days, almost all generations are living in a digital world.  Picking up the telephone or visiting the dental office is no longer the only way to book your appointment.  Now, new internet-based technology offers a variety of websites where you can browse and book an appointment with a local dentist, to best compliment your schedule.  Additionally, dental professionals and office have caught on to American’s hectic lives and many have extended their weekend and evening hours to better suite the communities they practice in.

I am afraid of my diagnosis

Although many adults find the dental chair to be a place of terror rather than peace and tranquility, it is important to remember that you are there for a diagnosis and treatment.  Most importantly to remember is that living with daily or chronic oral pain is not an option and will only worsen as time goes by. There are many minor causes of dental pain and discomfort, such as gum disease or nocturnal teeth grinding.  On the other hand, there are some more serious causes as well, such as tooth decay or nerve damage.  No matter the symptoms, early intervention is always the best treatment option!

You Can Do Something About It

The usual result of actually seeing the dentist and getting the diagnosis  is that it is not quite as bad as we thought. At the very least it eliminates the mystery aspect which only adds to the discomfort you may be having. In a recent case study a man in his early 60’s went to the dentist for minor tooth aches and chronic bad breath which he couldn’t seem to eliminate. His dentist saw the signs of diabetes and sent him to a medical doctor. Sure enough he had a treatable diabetic condition and promptly went onto a healthier eating regimen and more exercise which greatly reduced the effects of the condition. As well the dentist filled a few cavities and did a needed root canal which handled his toothache completely. He has a much higher quality of life now and looks forward to a healthy and happy retirement in a few years!

What to Expect at the Dentist

When you come to Finley Dentistry  we will pay attention to the symptoms you mention. The idea is to treat the actual cause of the problem. Then a preventative course of action can be done to minimize future dental situations from occurring. This would include educating you in the methods of brushing and hygiene and even what type of mouthwash or toothpaste works best. Please come and see us and dont be afraid! You will be happy you chose to do something for yourself and your teeth. Your teeth will be happy too! (419) 472-6645