Many people suffer from painful, bleeding gums.  Most of these people do not know the reason for this.  It is a very common periodontal condition, which can be caused by several factors.  Fortunately, this symptom can usually be easily remedied with a few new dental routine techniques.

Brushing vs. Bleeding

The number one reason people suffer from bleeding gums is due to poor brushing habits.  They may be brushing frequently, but they may be using a toothbrush which is too harsh on their gums.

Dentists recommend using soft toothbrushes as they are the most gentle on the enamel and gum line.

In some cases, you may be using a soft toothbrush butapplying too much pressure while brushing. A lighter touch is what is currently recommended, unlike the old fashioned more zealous approach which left many of us with traumatized and more rapidly receding gum lines.  If this is the case, ease up on the amount of force used, or switch to your non dominant hand.

All about the motion

It’s all about the motion as well.  Many people, even adults, who have been brushing throughout their lives do not use proper motions.  Brushing up and down will cause gums to bleed and food particles to be left behind.  Brushing should be done in slow, small circles for each area of the mouth.  Forgetting to floss can hurt the gums as well, as this causes all sorts of bacteria to build up and cause bleeding.

Consult with your dentist right away if you are experiencing bleeding gums.  This is most likely your body giving you a signal that something is wrong and your dentist can help you fix it.  Untreated bleeding gums can lead to a variety of infections and diseases.

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