Looking for Dental Services in Toledo Ohio?

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, the team at Finley Dentistry has some very helpful tips and tricks! Providing top dental quality services in Toledo, Ohio, they want to make sure you have a radiant smile for that special someone this year. We also have some extra things you can do in order to ensure your gorgeous smile is on display on the February 14th!

No matter what your budget is, Finley Dentistry can help you achieve your best you this holiday.  Whether at-home treatments or a new and improved smile routine, we have the recipe for your romantic evening.

Prep At Home

We know and understand that life in Toldeo can get very hectic. That’s why we inform our patients of the best steps they can take to whiten their teeth outside of the dental chair as well. Do-it-yourself whitening kits are available over the counter and can be quite effective when used properly! However, many can also cause sensitivity problems to your teeth and gums, so it’s important to check with your dental professional before applying them to your teeth.

Another simple, very well-known, yet, omitted way to preserve your teeth is to brush them after every meal or at least twice per day – in the morning and before you go to bed. It is understood that you may not want to bring your toothbrush to the office, but you will have less problems that way! It will pay off big time in the long run! Studies show that those who brush after meals on a regular basis, remove up to 50% more food particles, causing significantly less plaque and tartar buildup, as well as cavities. That also means much less bad breath!

Don’t Just Look Attractive, Smell Pretty Too!

We often put lots of thought into what body lotion, perfume or cologne we are going to wear for the big date. But, just as often, we forget what are mouths are going to smell like! Valentine’s day dinner often means plenty of heavy food and wine. While this sounds delicious, it is important to prepare for the special evening by using a fluoride rinse (mint, please!) and brushing and flossing thoroughly.

Foods To Avoid

Indulging in Valentine’s Day dinner is always a special treat, but be careful what you eat! Foods which are very strong in spices tend to linger on the breath for longer than others. Although cheese and wine is a typical go to during a special evening, try to stick to less acidic wines and less fragrant, more mild cheeses. Chocolate and sugary desserts are another favorite indulgence for couples on this day, but try to consume these sparingly, as they too can lead to unpleasant breath later in the evening.

Some foods can actually improve your breath! Parsley actually contains a chemical component called chlorophyll, which has an amazing, completely natural a deodorizing effect in the oral cavity.  Other herbs such as fennel seeds and cloves have similar effects, although these are less commonly found at your favorite restaurant!

Call Dr. Finley!

Even those who practice the very best oral hygiene techniques may experience bad breath once in awhile. In some cases, people cannot figure out why they are having this symptom. It might not be your oral hygiene, but rather a cavity which is brewing. These developing cavities are nearly impossible to visualize at home and are likely not painful. It’s important to have a checkup and cleaning prior to the big day, to avoid unpleasant breath.

Cosmetic Dentist Toledo Ohio

Dr. Finley is one of the top cosmetic dentists in Toledo, Ohio. This means that if you need more than just a simple checkup and cleaning to prepare yourself for the Valentine’s day, he can take care of that too. The Finley group can diagnose and treat nearly any dental issue, no matter how big or small. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so call (419) 472-6645 to start smiling today!