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Diet and Dental Gum Disease


Very few of us go to our dental appointment expecting any type of nutritional advice.  However, studies show that there is a correlation between oral disease and daily diet.  Specifically, prevalence of periodontal disease has been linked to sugar and carbohydrate intake.  We have a few facts and tips to keep your gums and body

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Finley Dentistry Joins the Fight to Beat Breast Cancer!


More Than Just Dentistry Finley Dentistry of Toledo, Ohio has always been a state of the art dental practice.  The Finley team proudly specializes in high quality dental care.  However, we do more than just cleanings.  We strongly support important causes in our community, including breast cancer awareness.   How Does Finley Take Action? The

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Choosing The Right Toothpaste


As we browse the aisles of our local supermarket, wholesale store, or pharmacy, we are overwhelmed when it comes to the dental aisle.  We are often forced to compromise between different ingredients and powers of dental products, specifically toothpaste.  Some brands claim to whiten while others boast that they fight plaque.  The question is, how

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Tooth Decay Causes, Prevention, and More


Use the Finley way to your advantage! Studies show that tooth decay is one of the most common disease found amongst Americans.  This affects both adults and pediatrics and is often completely preventable.  The best way to prevent tooth decay and maintain strong, healthy, beautiful teeth is to understand the cause of the problem.  Dr.

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Whiter Smile, Better Style!


Most of us aren’t happy with some aspect of our appearance. For some it is our weight, for others it is facial features. When a group of American adults were recently polled, over forty percent reported being less than satisfied with their smiles, most specifically with their teeth. Many are displeased that they never had

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Back to School, Back to Smiling!


As the end of August approaches, many parents are getting their back to school checklists prepared. This often includes shopping for school supplies, back to school clothes and backpacks and annual school physicals. However, many parents often forget to schedule their child’s annual dental checkup or bi-annual cleaning. College students tend to be especially forgetful

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Not Just Teeth!


Growing up, we are always told to brush and floss our teeth.  This usually develops into a routine, which is reinforced and monitored by our parents and caregivers.  However, as we become adults, many of us forget these proper oral hygiene habits.  We often begin to become increasingly tired and even skip flossing altogether at

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Wisdom Teeth Extraction, The Finley Way!


When we think of wisdom teeth, we think of sitting in a dental chair, cringing in pain.  We have all heard horror stories surrounding these famous teeth.  Some of us dread the diagnosis from our dentist.  We enter the dental office for our annual checkup and pray that we can go another year without undergoing

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A Message to Mothers on Mother’s Day


As parents, we watch as our infants develop into toddlers.  We watch as they begin to explore the world around them.  We help them grow and learn.  However, due to the fact that our childrens’ teeth will be replaced with permanent ones we tend to overlook important dental facts. Starting Healthy Dental Habits Early In

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Nighttime Oral Health


Most of us wake up in the morning and run to go brush our teeth. Many experience undesirable morning breath and for this reason, brushing their teeth is their very first morning task. However, when it comes to evening oral care, people’s routines differ. Some believe in brushing, flossing and/or rinsing right after dinner, while

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