Considering Dental Implants?


Do Dental Implants Feel Real? There are many different reasons why you may be a good candidate for dental implants. The most common one is due to tooth loss or degeneration. Although, this gets more complicated with age, it can also result from various pre-existing factors. The thing to know is that the goal is

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Dental Professionals in Toledo, OH?


Dental professionals who are gentle and knowledgeable? The mouth contains many different structures, beyond just the teeth. It is important to take care of all these parts, because when they come together, they create all of the mechanisms which allow you to chew, breathe and speak. Although basic dental hygiene routines are important, it is

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Dr. Finley Removes The Fear!


Finley Dentistry provides exceptional services in Toledo, OH For many of us, going to the dentist for our routine checkup and cleaning is considered a struggle. We anticipate the pain and discomfort that comes along with sitting in that famous dental chair. We anxiously await and pray for our dentist to give us a clean

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Make Your Smile As White As Winter!


As the middle of the holiday season approaches, we are all rushing around to finish all of our holiday shopping.  We are trying to complete all of our work commitments, housework and attend all of the necessary holiday parties as well.  However, in the midst of all the madness, we often put our oral health

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When we think about time spent in the dental chair, having our photograph taken is probably the furthest thing from our mind!  We know that dental x-rays are often taken to diagnose different oral pathology, but what can be the benefit of state of the art digital photography inside the mouth?  Finley Dentistry wants to

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Finley Dentistry Joins the Fight to Beat Breast Cancer!


More Than Just Dentistry Finley Dentistry of Toledo, Ohio has always been a state of the art dental practice.  The Finley team proudly specializes in high quality dental care.  However, we do more than just cleanings.  We strongly support important causes in our community, including breast cancer awareness.   How Does Finley Take Action? The

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Prevent Jaw Pain This Summer!


There is a very common diagnosis in the dental world referred to as "bruxism." In simple terms, this means teeth grinding. This effects millions of Americans, from pediatrics to adults. It can cause sleep deprivation and even migraines. If you are diagnosed with this condition, it is important to see your dentist to obtain proper

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3D Dental X-Rays Are Here Today At Finley Dentistry


3D Dental X-Rays Provide More Information and Help You Make Better Decisions The Planmeca ProMax® 3D Classic unit is designed to obtain complete information on your patient's anatomy in the minutest detail. This intelligent and multipurpose X-ray unit provides digital panoramic, cephalometric and 3D imaging as well as 3D photos and 3D model scans. This

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Dental sealants for kids?


Have You Thought About Getting Sealants for Your Kids? Sweets, soda and sticky foods are common in the diets of many young children today. These foods are known to contribute to the development of dental cavities, even in children who are just beginning school. Dental sealants applied to the permanent teeth are an important tool

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Dental Implants Over Dentures


Why should I get dental implants instead of dentures Missing teeth is one of the most common dental problems in older adults. According to the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, more than 70 percent of adults over the age of 35 are missing one or more of their teeth. A missing tooth may

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