Finley Dentistry provides exceptional services in Toledo, OH

For many of us, going to the dentist for our routine checkup and cleaning is considered a struggle. We anticipate the pain and discomfort that comes along with sitting in that famous dental chair. We anxiously await and pray for our dentist to give us a clean bill of oral health and that we do not have any need for any dental extractions, implants, cavities, or root canals.

Dental phobia, which actually affects over 30 million people nationwide, commonly causes individuals to avoid their necessary routine dental care. Avoiding this needed treatment can commonly lead to worsening tooth decay and other painful, dangerous oral pathology. Fortunately, there is a solution: Finley’s pain free dental care. The group at Finley Dentistry is considered the best in Toledo, Ohio, due to their state of the art practice, which enhances the use of technology to deliver a pain free experience for all patients.

Dr. Finley utilizes revolutionary dental equipment to provide a comfortable, trauma-free experience for his patients. Some of the most common procedures he performs are those which tend to be most invasive and painful. These include root canals, tooth extractions, wisdom teeth extractions, denture and crown placement and many more. He prides himself on continuously improving his practices and procedures to show his patients that visiting the dentist can be as easy as brushing your teeth, no further thought or fear needed!

Give Finley Dentistry a call today at (419) 472-6645 to set up a free consultation, and gain that smile back that you know and love!