Do Dental Implants Feel Real?

There are many different reasons why you may be a good candidate for dental implants. The most common one is due to tooth loss or degeneration. Although, this gets more complicated with age, it can also result from various pre-existing factors. The thing to know is that the goal is naturally looking dental implants that feel real. This means matching them to the color, texture and overall feel of your natural teeth. This is achieved by using the state-of-the-art dental technology as well as the highest quality materials.

It is not uncommon for people to mistake dental implants for natural teeth. This is because they look and feel very similar and are very easy to maintain. The main differences between natural and prosthetic teeth are the way they are structured below the surface. Like teeth, all implants need a strong anchor to keep them in place. This anchor can come in a few different forms, all of which are 100% comfortable and undetectable to the patient, when properly placed.  The majority of dental implants will seamlessly fuse right into the bone structure and feel real afterwards.

Your mouth will have a natural way of welcoming it’s new implant friend! This happens when the gum tissue begins to adhere to the implant, by attaching to the root of the tooth. This happens with the assistance of collagen fibers. Although it will look completely real from the outside, the gums will only plant themselves on the outer surface of the implant.

It is important to continue brushing your teeth regularly, including implants, as it is possible for bacterial biofilm to form on the structure. There are specialized products and cleaners available for different types of implants, so it is important to go over the home care routine with your dentist.

Do dental implants feel real? – Don’t be afraid, Dr. Finley will help! The team at Finley Dentistry has an extensive experience in placing all sorts of dental implants. Their expertise and competence will leave you with a natural looking and feeling smile in time for the Summer!