What can a dentist do for your sensitive teeth?

Tooth sensitivity is very common in patients of all ages, especially geriatric dental patients.  There is a variety of causes, most of which can be treated or alleviated with skilled professional care such as Dr Finley offers at his office in Toledo.

What can Dr Finley do for sensitive teeth? First of all, the cause of tooth sensitivity is the overexposure of the surface called dentin. Dentin is the portion of the tooth which actually covers the nerve. This overexposure can be caused the reduction of enamel or receding of the gum line. Foods which are very hot or cold, or even very high in sugar, can be quite painful to eat with this condition. Additionally, foods which are high in acidity and even some fruits and vegetables can cause high levels of pain within the the teeth.

At the very first sign of tooth sensitivity, it is important to consult your dental professional. They are able to examine your mouth for the root cause and area where the dentin is being exposed.  Additionally, there are several dental examinations which can be performed to further analyze the root of the problem. In some cases, the sensitivity may be caused by erosion to the teeth or gumline and in others, the actual nerve roots can be fully exposed, usually resulting in the most severe pain.

Dentists can perform a variety of procedures in the office to decrease oral sensitivity. First, fluoride treatments can be applied and can help strengthen the enamel surfaces. Next, a material called bonding can be applied to help restore the teeth and seal any exposed surfaces.  This bonding will strengthen the compromised enamel and will create a block between the outside elements and the nerve, alleviating pain and sensitivity. There is also a process where a gel-like material made of concentrated fluoride can be placed on a tray which fits into the mouth, to provide area-specific relief to the parts of your teeth which are experiencing the highest levels of sensitivity.

Don’t ignore the first signs of teeth sensitivity! This most likely means that the nerve root is exposed in some way and immediate action needs to be taken. Call Finley Dentistry for an evaluation today, so you can enjoy your favorite foods and beverages! Dr Finley has many years of experience in diagnosing and treating the exact cause of sensitive gums so they are actually not a problem. Call us at (419) 472-6645