What is a Root Canal?

Many of us grimace at the thought of those two little words: root canal.  However, Dr. Finley has realized throughout his years of practice that the fear associated with this procedure, may come from negative past experiences.  Finley Dentistry has revolutionized the root canal process, to make it much more comfortable and affordable.

The traditional root canal is a dental procedure where a tooth is saved after it has already been decayed and or infected from the nerve root.  The nerve is actually removed from the inner gum as well as the surrounding tissue, which is referred to as the pulp.  Once all of the decay and damaged structures have been removed, the area is disinfected to prevent an abscess from forming later on.

The term root canal actually defines the naturally formed cavity which is located at the very epicenter of the tooth.  This is why in many cases, patients who are in need of a root canal procedure may complain of heightened tooth sensitivity, especially to hot or cold foods and liquids.

The Easier Fix!

Unfortunately, root canals are often inevitable.  They are one of the oldest dental processes performed and cause some of the highest dental anxiety.  The best way to prepare for a root canal is to have a thorough consultation with your dentist, where each step is explained.  Also, it’s important to consider that a root canal is a solution to pain, not a way to cause additional hardship.  Additionally, the upside is that root canals are the best way to save your natural teeth and avoid the need for dental implants later down the road.

When considering the alternative, root canals are one the best procedures for patients who are experiencing damage to the nerve root of the tooth or several teeth.  Call Dr. Finley for your consultation today and they will help you smile and enjoy all of the foods you love!