Denture ToledoWhat Are Dentures?

A denture is a solution for missing teeth.  Modern day dentures are made to look as natural as possible.  They are made of a combination of metal, porcelain and special acrylic plastic.  A complete denture would replace all of the teeth, while a partial denture would be used in order to replace only the missing teeth, or the gaps.  These days, dentures are made to look and feel like just natural teeth and gums.  They are made of special material which can match the color and even texture of your real tooth enamel, leaving them undetectable.


Who Are Good Candidates For Dentures?

There is a stigma which exists which leads people to believe that dentures are only meant for the elderly.  However, missing teeth can happen at any age, whether from a trauma, illness or chronic disease.  Those who suffer from tooth loss have an option between dentures or implants.  For many dentures are the better choice, but a consultation with Dr. Finley will help you determine which you are best suited for and why.


What Does The Process Entail?

Having dentures placed takes a few steps and a few office visits as well.  In some cases, some of the natural teeth must be removed in order for the denture to be placed (whether complete or partial).  In this case, the extraction would come after the consultation visit.  During that same visit, Dr. Finley may place an immediate denture inside the mouth as needed, to reduce the bleeding.  This would act as a band aid, until the gums and surrounding structures of the extraction sites have healed.


Once the mouth has healed, it is time to place a conventional denture.  In most cases, this happens eight to twelve weeks following the extraction(s).   This will act as the permanent denture, or set of dentures.  These will be formed and ordered ahead of time, based on impressions taken in the office.  They will be designed to be a custom fit, so that they can be placed perfectly inside your mouth.  A well-fitted denture will take some time to adjust to, but once you have gotten used to them you should be able to enjoy food, beverages and speaking and smiling freely for years to come!