dentist toledoThere are many reasons to visit a dentist in the Toledo area.  Firstly, just like you take your call for an oil change and tire rotation, you should go to the dentist for regular maintenance.  Although the mouth does get cleaned regularly at home, it is important to also go for a professional checkup and cleaning at Finley Dentistry.


Preventative Maintenance

For most, six months is the standard time between regular dental checkups and cleanings.  This time period was set after many years of dental research worldwide, as this is the amount of time it takes for plaque to build up in the mouth, even with regular brushing, rinsing and flossing at home.  It is also important to speak with the dental specialists at Finley Dentistry, to learn the best methods and products for at home dental hygiene.


What Will Dr. Finley Look For?

There are several state of the art dental instruments which are used at Finley Dentistry, to allow visualization of the crevices of the mouth.  It is most difficult to see certain areas at home, such as the back of the mouth where the molars sit or the deep gumline, closest to the roots of the teeth.  These areas are most prone to cavity formation, which can lead to more complicated dental pathology (such as the need for a root canal or even deterioration of the enamel) if they are not treated in a timely manner.


Better Safe Than Sorry

While millions of Americans nationwide admit to postponing or cancelling many dental appointments and treatments, this is not recommended.  Overall health starts with one of the highest points, the mouth!  In addition to cleaning your teeth, the experienced team of dental professionals at Finley will also conduct a thorough examination of the teeth, gums, tongue and interior cheeks.  This will ensure that you do not have any areas where oral disease may be present, such as certain growths which may develop into oral cancer or periodontal disease.
Your mouth serves so many purposes.  It is the area which allows you to consume your favorite foods and speak with your loved ones.  Call Finley Dentistry today, the Toledo, Ohio dental specialists at (419) 472-6645.