Every year when we go to our annual dental checkup and cleaning, we sit in the dental chair hoping and praying that we don’t hear any bad news.  Most commonly, the one word we are trying to avoid is “cavity.”  A cavity is defined as a small hole within the tooth enamel, which is caused by decay.  In most cases, cavities can be treated with a procedure called “filling.”

What To Expect

Receiving a filling entails a few essential steps.  Once you receive the news that you have been diagnosed with a cavity, your dental professional will begin by removing the decayed part of the tooth.  Once all of the decay has been (gently!) scraped away, the space must be filled to avoid any further damage to the inner structures and nerves of the tooth.  In some cases, filling procedures can also be used for other cases, such as broken or cracked teeth (often caused by nighttime teeth grinding or biting habits).


Before the tooth is filled, the dentist will use a local anesthesia (most commonly novocaine) to numb the surrounding areas.  After a few minutes, you should be unable to feel any sensation in this area and your dentist will use an instrument which utilizes air abrasion (or a drill) to remove any leftover remnants of decay.  After 100% of the damaged tooth has been removed, a probe will be used to confirm this.  The area will then be cleaned thoroughly to get rid of any leftover debris.  Next, a tooth colored filling will be chosen according to your exact enamel shade, for a most natural look.  This material is meticulously applied in several steps, which includes applying different layers to the remaining tooth.  After all necessary layers have been applied, a light will be placed on the tooth to cement and harden the material into a strong, durable substance.  Once all has hardened, the dentist will carefully shape and contour the material to create a natural tooth shape, nearly identical to your original tooth structure.  Finally, your new and improved tooth will be polished to perfection!

At the offices at Finley Dentistry we treat each patient as a whole, not just teeth and gums.  Whatever you end up requiring, our goal for you is a healthy body and a healthy mouth.  Call today to schedule your appointment with us at Finley Dentistry located in Toledo, Oh. 419 472 6645