Americans are notorious for avoiding one very important semiannual errand: going to the dentist.  There are many reasons they avoid the infamous chair, mostly due to preconceived notions that there is always pain associated with dental checkups and cleanings.  Finley Dentistry is here to change the way Toledo views dentistry.  Their goal is to make the Toledo area smile again, one tooth at a time!


The Pain Factor

Often, when patients finally do come in for their cleaning (which may become a once per decade event), they often have a variety of oral issues going on.  This is where the pain association comes in.  Studies dating back for several hundred years show that both children and adults who regularly attend their dental checkups and cleanings are less prone to unpleasant dental procedures, such as root canals, fillings, gingivitis and even tooth loss or repair.  When it comes to dentistry, prevention is the key.

One of the most painful cases patients experience in the dental chair is gingivitis.  This is a fancy name for ‘gum disease’ which can occur in patients for all ages.  Gum disease may even start out asymptomatic, but will likely progress into a painful disease which may impair speech and even affect digestion.  If left untreated, this may even develop into periodontitis, which is a severe inflammation of the gums.


Overall Health

Very few of us realize how deeply our oral health affects us.  The Center for Disease Control has conducted various studies which prove that those who take care of their oral health regularly are less likely to develop other pathology, beyond just the mouth.  For example, when researching a group of diabetics, studies show that those who did not take care of their oral health properly actually worsened their condition over time.  Additionally, those who suffer from autoimmune disease or deficiencies are also more susceptible to dangerous oral disease.  Patients who are undergoing treatment for cancer has this issue as well, so visiting the dentist as regularly as their primary doctor is a must.


The Cost Factor

In addition to the physical pain which many individuals fear when it comes to the dentist, many others fear the cost of dental procedures as well.  However, with many new dental insurance plans on the market, there is truly a plan to fit everyone.  The best step is to make an appointment for a checkup and cleaning (where your mouth will be evaluated for any oral pathology, including gum, nerve root and enamel damage) and decide how much or how little dental coverage you may need.  Dr. Finley and his professional team will guide you in the right direction towards a brighter smile!


The Convenience Factor

Dr. Finley understands how hectic life in Toledo can be.  This is why, his office is designed as a one-stop dental shop!  He will thoroughly examine, clean and evaluate your teeth for any work that needs to be done.  He will then prepare a diagnostic plan for any of these findings and set you up with an appointment which fits your busy schedule.  We know that when running errands, location is key.  Call Finley Dentistry at (419) 472-6645 to see how easy dentistry can be!