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Red Roses and Pearly Whites!


Looking for Dental Services in Toledo Ohio? With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, the team at Finley Dentistry has some very helpful tips and tricks! Providing top dental quality services in Toledo, Ohio, they want to make sure you have a radiant smile for that special someone this year. We also have some extra things you

Red Roses and Pearly Whites!2017-07-29T07:58:30+00:00

Prevent Unpleasant Bleeding Gums


Many people suffer from painful, bleeding gums.  Most of these people do not know the reason for this.  It is a very common periodontal condition, which can be caused by several factors.  Fortunately, this symptom can usually be easily remedied with a few new dental routine techniques. Brushing vs. Bleeding The number one reason people

Prevent Unpleasant Bleeding Gums2017-07-29T08:00:36+00:00

Daily Dental Pain


Studies show that nearly twenty percent of Americans suffer from daily dental pain. Residents of Toledo, Ohio are no exceptions to this statistic. They need a dentist in the Toledo area that can be relied on to properly diagnose and treat their symtoms. With all the worries of day to day life (not to mention

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Make Your Smile As White As Winter!


As the middle of the holiday season approaches, we are all rushing around to finish all of our holiday shopping.  We are trying to complete all of our work commitments, housework and attend all of the necessary holiday parties as well.  However, in the midst of all the madness, we often put our oral health

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When we think about time spent in the dental chair, having our photograph taken is probably the furthest thing from our mind!  We know that dental x-rays are often taken to diagnose different oral pathology, but what can be the benefit of state of the art digital photography inside the mouth?  Finley Dentistry wants to

SMILE! YOU’RE ON CAMERA!2017-07-29T07:59:40+00:00

Tooth Extraction: To Extract Or Not To Extract?


When we go to the dental office, one of the words we think we never want to hear is “extraction.” We often associate this word with a painful procedure which involves removing an anatomical part.  However, dental extractions can often have very positive effects on oral health.  Finley dentistry believes highly in only performing extractions

Tooth Extraction: To Extract Or Not To Extract?2017-07-29T07:59:27+00:00

Diet and Dental Gum Disease


Very few of us go to our dental appointment expecting any type of nutritional advice.  However, studies show that there is a correlation between oral disease and daily diet.  Specifically, prevalence of periodontal disease has been linked to sugar and carbohydrate intake.  We have a few facts and tips to keep your gums and body

Diet and Dental Gum Disease2017-07-29T07:59:12+00:00

Finley Dentistry Joins the Fight to Beat Breast Cancer!


More Than Just Dentistry Finley Dentistry of Toledo, Ohio has always been a state of the art dental practice.  The Finley team proudly specializes in high quality dental care.  However, we do more than just cleanings.  We strongly support important causes in our community, including breast cancer awareness.   How Does Finley Take Action? The

Finley Dentistry Joins the Fight to Beat Breast Cancer!2017-07-29T08:04:06+00:00

Choosing The Right Toothpaste


As we browse the aisles of our local supermarket, wholesale store, or pharmacy, we are overwhelmed when it comes to the dental aisle.  We are often forced to compromise between different ingredients and powers of dental products, specifically toothpaste.  Some brands claim to whiten while others boast that they fight plaque.  The question is, how

Choosing The Right Toothpaste2017-07-29T08:02:55+00:00

Tooth Decay Causes, Prevention, and More


Use the Finley way to your advantage! Studies show that tooth decay is one of the most common disease found amongst Americans.  This affects both adults and pediatrics and is often completely preventable.  The best way to prevent tooth decay and maintain strong, healthy, beautiful teeth is to understand the cause of the problem.  Dr.

Tooth Decay Causes, Prevention, and More2017-07-29T08:02:42+00:00
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