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Dental Health – How to Achieve It


Americans are notorious for avoiding one very important semiannual errand: going to the dentist.  There are many reasons they avoid the infamous chair, mostly due to preconceived notions that there is always pain associated with dental checkups and cleanings.  Finley Dentistry is here to change the way Toledo views dentistry.  Their goal is to make

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Come to your Toledo Dentist Dr Finley; Your Teeth Are Worth The Visit!


There are many reasons to visit a dentist in the Toledo area.  Firstly, just like you take your call for an oil change and tire rotation, you should go to the dentist for regular maintenance.  Although the mouth does get cleaned regularly at home, it is important to also go for a professional checkup and

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Why Your Gums Must Be Good!


Gums often go unnoticed within the mouth, but they are actually an essential part of your oral and overall health.  The gums act as an anchor for our teeth and other oral structures.  People often tend to focus on their teeth when it comes to dental care, but we are here to remind you to

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Lets Get To The Root Of The Problem!


What is a Root Canal? Many of us grimace at the thought of those two little words: root canal.  However, Dr. Finley has realized throughout his years of practice that the fear associated with this procedure, may come from negative past experiences.  Finley Dentistry has revolutionized the root canal process, to make it much more

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Sensitive teeth are painful?


What can a dentist do for your sensitive teeth? Tooth sensitivity is very common in patients of all ages, especially geriatric dental patients.  There is a variety of causes, most of which can be treated or alleviated with skilled professional care such as Dr Finley offers at his office in Toledo. What can Dr Finley

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Dr. Finley Removes The Fear!


Finley Dentistry provides exceptional services in Toledo, OH For many of us, going to the dentist for our routine checkup and cleaning is considered a struggle. We anticipate the pain and discomfort that comes along with sitting in that famous dental chair. We anxiously await and pray for our dentist to give us a clean

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Red Roses and Pearly Whites!


Looking for Dental Services in Toledo Ohio? With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, the team at Finley Dentistry has some very helpful tips and tricks! Providing top dental quality services in Toledo, Ohio, they want to make sure you have a radiant smile for that special someone this year. We also have some extra things you

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Prevent Unpleasant Bleeding Gums


Many people suffer from painful, bleeding gums.  Most of these people do not know the reason for this.  It is a very common periodontal condition, which can be caused by several factors.  Fortunately, this symptom can usually be easily remedied with a few new dental routine techniques. Brushing vs. Bleeding The number one reason people

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Daily Dental Pain


Studies show that nearly twenty percent of Americans suffer from daily dental pain. Residents of Toledo, Ohio are no exceptions to this statistic. They need a dentist in the Toledo area that can be relied on to properly diagnose and treat their symtoms. With all the worries of day to day life (not to mention

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Tooth Extraction: To Extract Or Not To Extract?


When we go to the dental office, one of the words we think we never want to hear is “extraction.” We often associate this word with a painful procedure which involves removing an anatomical part.  However, dental extractions can often have very positive effects on oral health.  Finley dentistry believes highly in only performing extractions

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