If you have lost your natural teeth a denture or partial denture can help replace your missing teeth as well as your smile!

Replacing missing teeth benefits not only your appearance, but your health as well. You will be able to eat and speak something many take for granted until they lose teeth. A denture will help to support cheeks and lips, preventing a person from looking older. Having a denture or partial denture made involves more than one appointment. Dr. Finley takes an impression of your mouth and then making of your new denture begins. We give specific instructions to the laboratory about how we want the denture or partial denture to look, all the way down to the shade of the teeth. The lab will make the denture and send it back to our office, where we have you come in for a try-in to see if you approve! After this step, we send the wax try-in back to the lab for the final product, which in return, we have a denture or partial denture that was made to look just like your natural teeth, and help you regain the confidence you once had before.

Not only do we make sure you receive the best finished product of a beautiful denture but Dr. Finley and his staff will help you become knowledgeable on what to expect from using and caring for your dentures or partials.

I would like to take the time to thank Dr. Finley and his staff at your office. I received excellent service and everyone was wonderful. I would recommend anyone that I know who needs any oral care to your office. I rate your service at the highest level of customer satisfaction. Thank you again and keep up the fantastic work.

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