An implant can replace a missing tooth and still with have the look and feel of your own natural tooth! Replacing missing teeth can have a positive influence on your quality of life.

An implant is a medical device (made of metal alloys well tolerated by the body) that replaces the root portion of a tooth. It is a strong cylindrical post that is placed below the gums and into the bone.

This serves as an anchor for an artificial tooth (usually a crown). It can replace a single tooth or several teeth. Because it is anchored in your bone it has the feel, stability and function of a natural tooth.

Dental implants can also be used to help stabilize a denture. It can make a denture much easier to wear and eat with.

Dr. Finley has been highly trained and specializes in mini implants. Most people experience minimal discomfort after placement of an implant.

Dr. Finley is gentle and confident in his work and has done many mini implants ranging from use with dentures, to missing front teeth. All of our patients leave happy and satisfied with confidence in their smile again.

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