Sometimes a tooth is infected, broken or severely decayed and results in a lot of pain and swelling in the area. This tooth can be saved by doing a Root Canal.Root Canals are not as scary as they used to be! Dr. Finley is a fellow of the American Endodontic Society and he is very experienced and competent in performing Root Canals.

The process of a Root Canal is pretty simple. The tooth has sensations, which allows you to sense hot and cold and pressure when you bite down. In an infected tooth these sensations are extreme causing pain and discomfort.

In a Root Canal the nerve of the tooth is removed and it is replaced with a rubber like substance. In a tooth which is injured or becomes diseased and the nerve is not removed then the tooth can become infected, swollen and painful.

Root Canals save teeth. Dr. Finley has many years of experience in this procedure. In his experienced hands, he makes this procedure both gentle and comfortable for you.

I smile with confidence and pride today because of the excellent dental work Dr. Finley performed on my once eye sore of a tooth. The job completed was a great success because of Dr. Finley’s knowledge, skills, and commitment to the dentistry profession. He brought back my sunshine smile that was once unflattering. Once again, I would like to thank Dr. Finley with a broad smile of confidence and pride. —- TJ

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